Add new endpoint to admins API to retrieve accounts where admin has specifed role/s



Given a users user_id or sis_user_id I want to retrieve a list of all the sub-accounts they have admin access to, with a given set of roles. Passing at least one role would be required (at least in this implementation).

Example request/response:

GET /api/v1/admins/<user_id>/accounts?role_ids[]=347&role_ids[]=347
GET /api/v1/admins/sis_user_id:<sis_user_id>/accounts?role_ids[]=347&role_ids[]=347

Returns a list of Accounts

Why does this matter?

The workaround to getting this info out of the Canvas system is a costly operation. Here is how I would have to do it and as far as I know it's the only way:

  1. Load up all subaccounts under the root account
  2. For each subaccount load up all the admins
  3. Then iterating through each admin, find the matches for my sis_user_id and role_ids

This sequence takes a very long time for an instance with as much data as ours.

Sales pitch
This would be a very valuable API call to add to Canvas as I imagine there are a lot of auditing processes that want to make these types of queries. Oh, and let's save some CPU cycles (that's always a good thing).
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 @kl3020 ‌, we notice that your idea is currently open for voting. Would you please add clarifying details to the idea description that will help prospective voters distinguish between the two?

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What about using GET /api/v1/accounts to get a list of all the accounts that the user has admin access to? It doesn't give the list of roles, but it gives a list of accounts. You didn't list how you were determining the role in your current work-around, so I'm not quite sure how that factors in, but it seems like getting a list of accounts the person is an admin for would be quicker than loading all of the sub-account admins and scanning them.

There's also GET /api/v1/course_accounts that gives courses that people have admin rights in.

This is under the Accounts API, not the admins API.

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Sure, glad to clarify. This feature proposal is about being able to load a full list of all roles from the root account. It proposes doing that by adding a recursive parameter to this endpoint.

Whereas this feature proposal is about getting a list of sub-accounts that a particular admin user has access to.

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There is an assumption baked into this which is that I'm making requests to the API as super admin. Perhaps GET /api/v1/accounts would show the list of accounts a user has access to if I were that user. I also made a mistake in my OP at Step #3 (corrected now). The other thing is that this is not just about which accounts the person has access to but the accounts they have access to with a particular role.

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Thanks,  @kl3020 , for making that significant distinction. We've opened the idea for voting.

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If you're using the API with a root admin, or any user that has permission to act as other users, then you can use API masquerading: 

This will let you see the account list for another user, using the /api/v1/accounts endpoint.  It doesn't show which role the user has in each account, though--that would still require another API call for each subaccount.  So maybe /api/v1/users/<id>/admins could show those, just like how both users and courses have /enrollments endpoints.

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