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Add new module items directly at intended location

Add new module items directly at intended location

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With the present Modules page functionality, you click the "+" sign at the module's header when you wish to add an item to the module. After specifying item content, the new item always appears at the bottom of the module. Usually the intended place is somewhere else, so you will have to drag the item there after it is created. 

That is unnecessarily cumbersome and increases the potential for error. Instead, each existing module item could have an "Add item below" menu item in its "3-dots"-menu (see image). Clicking that would place the new item (after creation via the standard dialog box) below the existing one directly and thus eliminate the need for dragging newly generated module items in place.




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On second thoughts, "Add item above" would make more sense. But you get what I'm after.

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I think you put a link in the original post that does not make sense (at least to me) about the modules-within modules.  

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When copying an item from one course to another, there are a set of dropdown menus that allow users to select WHERE in a module to copy the item: At the Top, Before, After, and At the Bottom. The Before and After options add another menu to select an item already in the module. This menu:

Placement Menu.PNG

I'd suggest adding this to the menu that appears when adding items to a module. Right now, anything that is added automatically goes to the end of the module as the OP mention. For small modules, this is not a big deal. For larger modules, this creates more work moving the item to the correct location. Since this is a feature that already exists in the Copy Menu, I'm hoping it might be easier to add this feature to the Add Item to Module menu. Maybe make use of this white space here:

Add Module Placement Menu.PNG

Adding both options helps to not only create a way for users to define the desired location when initially adding the item, but also allows users an easier option if they need to move something after it has already been added. Please consider implementing both methods.

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Hi there,

I really love the module feature and so do my students! However, one feature that can get quite annoying is that everything that gets posted into the module automatically gets posted at the bottom. However as a Unit goes on I randomly like to add things into a module and it would be nice if Canvas would include the option to place the assignment/page/etc. where I would like before posting it (very similar to the copy to option that currently exists). This is extremely helpful once the Module gets quite large and I wouldn't have to constantly scroll up and down clicking and dragging items. I have attached a picture of the copy to feature that I am talking about and it would be great if it got added into my second picture. I even placed an arrow where it could be conveniently located! I really hope you would consider adding this feature as it could be a tremendous time saver!!!

Screen Shot 2021-09-30 at 9.39.52 AM.pngScreen Shot 2021-09-30 at 9.31.47 AM.png

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I wish there was a setting to set new module location at top or bottom of the list.

I also wish there was a way to lock a module to a location.  For example, I wish a reference module could be locked into the second position and all new modules go above it.

Context:  I create a separate module for each school day.  This makes it easier for my ninth graders to navigate.

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Yes, yes, and yes to @JeffCampbell and @HectorArias's solutions.

If we can place an item in the desired place within a Module while using the "COPY TO" function, then we should be able to do so when we "create" a new item within a Module.

That would be an elegant solution.