Add option for Suspend User to also conclude all enrollments


The new "Suspend User" function is great, and something we have needed for a while. 

It would be really nice if suspending a user also automatically concluded all that user's enrollments, or if there was a setting to allow Suspend to do this. 

Currently, when a student leaves our school, we have to suspend their login information AND manually conclude their enrollment in every course they are in. It would be much faster if this could all be done in one click. 

Community Team
Community Team
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This or something similar would be super helpful. We actually go through and make them inactive in each course after we suspend them but again it would be nice at the admin level to go to the user and suspend them and be prompted to take additional action such as concluding or inactivating all enrollments in one place versus going to every enrollment. This is a great idea and would save a lot of time for us! 


Or looking at making this permission (to make a user inactive) more granular so we could give the right to instructors to make them inactive themselves would work instead. 

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