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Add "Last Login" Column to "Bounced Emails" Screen

Add "Last Login" Column to "Bounced Emails" Screen

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As a Canvas administrator, I can run a report to see if we have any students or instructors that have bounced e-mail addresses in Canvas following the steps in:

How do I view bounced email notifications for users in an account?

It would be helpful to me for there to be an additional column of data (both in the search screen and the CSV download) that would tell me the last date/time the user logged in to Canvas.  This way, I could easily tell if the user may be a current student/instructor at our school...based on when he/she last logged in.  Unless I am missing something, I would have to go through the "People" page and search users one by one to determine when the user last logged in to Canvas...based on the CSV download containing the user e-mail addresses that bounced.  There is a "Last Login" column available on the "People" page ... as described here:

How do I use the People page in an account?

Could this "Last Login" column be included in the "Bounced Emails" tab of the "Admin Tools" screen, too?

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Community Team
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