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Add "Reply" Function to Speedgrader

Add "Reply" Function to Speedgrader

Grading and replying to forum posts would be more efficient if both could be done from Speedgrader, instead of grading in Speedgrader and moving back to the Discussion (and finding the student's post) to reply. It seems to me that all we'd need would be to add "Reply" buttons to the student's posts as they're displayed in Speedgrader.

Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea,  @jrs294 ; it's moving forward for community consideration. You might be interested in checking out this idea that seeks to address discussion grading from a different direction: 

Community Member

Hi Stefanie,

Thanks for the link! Our old system at Texas State, TRACS, allowed that kind of grading within forum threads. I found it to be decent! But I teach at another school that allows you to reply from the forum grading tool (which is what I'm suggesting) and I find it a lot more efficient. Could be a different strokes for different folks thing; I think adding both couldn't hurt!