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Add rich-content editor to Conversations

Add rich-content editor to Conversations

As a user, I would like to be able to use the rich-content editor to compose messages in the Conversations inbox. This would enable me to create Conversations that are on par, formatting- and content-wise, with Announcements. (Students seem to read Conversations messages more diligently than Announcements.)


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Originally posted by: Mia Nolan

Special thanks for contributions by: Stefanie Sanders


Will we ever be able to:

  • Bold certain text
  • Underline text
  • Create bullets
  • etc?

We can do that just about anywhere else but email. This doesn't make sense!


I agree it would be nice if we could have the ability to change font size, bold, italicize when sending messages to students in the Inbox feature. I feel that important details of the message can be highlighted so that the students focus on those parts of the messages. 

i.e. I sent messages recently discussing students who are failing my class. Some of my students have me for two different classes. It would be nice to bold the class that they are failing as well as the grade. Even changing the color or size of the font to help my students who in their 504 plan require larger text rather than telling students to zoom in on their screens. 


Please offer the following for Canvas Inbox Replies:

The ability to:

1.  highlight, bold, underscore, italics

2.  change font size and font used

3.  Set importance (high, medium, etc.)

Thank you!



How is this not already implemented?

I just began using Canvas and I can't understand why I'm not able to email my students with a rich-text editor.

  • Bold, italics, etc.
  • Colored text.
  • Different sizes and fonts (for example when sending snippets of code)
  • Embedded images (to clarify an explanation)

I would consider this a much needed feature.

I guess you would also need to retrofit the email interface (when responding via an email client instead of going to the Canvas inbox, formatting and embedded elements are stripped).

Hope to see this in Canvas soon!


I like using LMS internal messaging system for communication with students. This is the way for me to manage communications from teaching and to separate the communication from administrative work. However, I just noticed that (my first time using Canvas) there is no editing tool bar while I am composing messages under Inbox. I can't bold, underscore or change font color. This is very inconvenient. I'd suggest Canvas add this editing tool bar to it. Thanks.

Surveyor II

Canvas tech group and leaders, please understand that the FULL EDITING OPTIONS SETUP is an absolute BASIC and stringent need for the Inbox communicator system!! I've been monitoring this community and conversation for quite a while and, I have to say, nobody, and I mean NOBODY at Canvas seems to care nor pay attention to their users' request. It is one of the simplest, most straight forward request and need for us, the instructional users. What comes across is all Instructure people seem to completely ignore nor care about their end users. I am simply astonished by the lack of communication and professionalism here. Wondering if they have ANYONE working in their Web Dev department anymore. What one has/need/must do in order to be heard and responded to? Canvas People, if you don't want to listen to your users, why bother creating this façade "Community Forum" option anymore!! What a lame business perspective and attitude on you part!! 

Surveyor II

In order to get this idea noticed by the powers that be, it has to be "rated up" with star ratings.  So, if you haven't done so already (or even if you have?), click the star rating at the top of this page!  I'm pasting a screenshot below in case you have trouble finding it.



Surveyor II

@cgifford1  - Many thanks for the tip. We have 100+ content messages here with certainly more people than just the 26 FIVE STARS ratings currently on the thread. Everyone, please let's go ahead and submit your own personal FIVE STAR RATING at the top of the thread (and page) for the Canvas moderators to pick it up. Thank you all for the help and collaboration. Feel free to share this point with your colleagues so we can gather more traction. 


It's very strange to me that this is still not implemented. It seems like such a basic function!


INBOX: add italics, indentation and bold test


"I'd like to vote up on this, but I can't. The vote count shows 0 and there's nothing obvious about how to add a vote"

Surveyor II

@nickolsaenz - Actually the vote count is at 30, please see attached screenshot below. It is the screenshot of the TOP OF THE PAGE (scroll up all the way to the top.) As some of our previous contributors mentioned and suggested to do, simply "roll over" the five stars at the top, select all five and THAT IS IT. That simple action will count as an additional vote. It will add to the overall number of submissions. From what I read, we need to be in the vicinity of 100 votes until the "Instructure Gods" will lower themselves from their Olympian throne to read and pay attention to our requests. 😰

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 1.58.32 PM.png


Has this really been requested since before 2015? Seriously? What are the development team thinking? Of course online faculty need to format all their comments, no matter whether email, announcements, speed grader, or whatever. This takes the place of voice modulation, and it also sorts information for teaching purposes. It is unbelievable that this would be left out of the system.

In my view, cut the process for this one. Just do it!