Add section number by the course name in Canvas inbox


Many teach multiple sections of the same course and it is time consuming having to figure out which section the student is in. No matter how many times we ask students to include that info in their messages, many forget to do so. Adding that to the title beside the course name would save a lot of time and frustration.

Also an option to mark as unread so that we can go back to it later if needed would be a great feature to have too. 


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Community Team
Community Team
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I strongly endorse this feature idea! We have many sections that are cross-listed together and there is an overall course manage that is in all sections, but is only responsible for grading one section of 30 students. However they are getting messages from all 300 in the course and it is difficult to keep track of which students are theirs. Having the section information listed with the course information would be a big help. Another step to put the cherry on top, would be to have the filter option allow you to view all messages from just a particular section.

Thanks for the consideration. I am happy to give more details or answer any questions.

Matthew Jennings
Director of Instructional Technology
UAB School of Nursing

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