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Add short answer/long answer options to Studio Quizzes

Add short answer/long answer options to Studio Quizzes

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Is there a way Canvas could add a short/long answer option to Studio Quizzes? It's limiting that we can only do Multiple Choice, True/False and Multiple Answers. It would be beneficial to us as teachers, and for the students, to have a text box they could use to answer the question. Open-ended questions would make Canvas Studio Quizzes so much better. Currently I have to use Edpuzzle for that, which is a pain, and I would prefer to just do everything on Canvas. Thank you!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived


Thank you for sharing this idea. Please add your comments to the ongoing discussion underway at Canvas Studio - Open-ended Questions for video quizzes. We've archived this one to remove the duplication and keep the conversation unified in one place.

Surveyor II

Having the ability to add short answer questions would be very advantageous, especially for secondary education.