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I know the LTI Redirect Tool can be used to add custom links to the navigation menu. We can add Pages links or anchor links to specific Modules using this method, but when it comes to the Canvas app, it will open them outside the app, using the mobile browser.

My institution needs to have a quick menu to certain Modules or Pages since the content is complex: in this case we need students to access Course Materials and Backbone Project separately, and they are demanding quick access to this items at the navigation menu.

Right now we can add anchor links to this modules with Redirect Tool but as I said, the experience in the app is awful. It even forces students to login the platform again.

So my idea is to add native items of the course to the navigation menu just like Modules, Assignments or Grades work: taking the user to a specific part of the course, not external links. We would be able to add some specific Pages or Modules to the menu and the behaviour will be the same through browser and app versions.

If you agree with my idea please rate it with 5 stars so it becomes more visible to Canvas developers 🙂

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Yes, please!

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