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Please add a place to view the student's schedule in parent app.  Not just the list of classes, but which period (and times ideally) of the day the class occurs.

Also, in the class list it would be nice to see one students list separate from another students when you have multiple kids.


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Community Team
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Hi @LauraDrumm -

I understand what you're requesting! However, because of the complexities of synchronizing the SIS (Student Information System) with Canvas, this would be difficult. However, there's something you could do NOW that would help you.

With the dashboard view in a browser, set nicknames for your courses. These should follow you to Canvas Parent. You can nickname them "3 Social Studies" or "4 Math" so you know which one happens in sequence, even if you don't know the exact times.

How do I view my favorite courses in the Card View Dashboard as an observer? 


In the Canvas Parent app, you can see one student at a time!

How do I use the Canvas Parent app on my Android device? 

How do I use the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device? 

If you're looking to have a similar experience with a browser, there is currently an idea open for conversation that has quite the following. I encourage you to share your story there and rate (star) the idea.

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