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Add the "test student" to a group

Add the "test student" to a group


As a teacher, I want to add the test student, from "Student view", in a group so that I can see the group from the student view perspective.

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Yes! I want to do this, too, because there appear to be some glitches with the ability to allow replies on student-created in-group Announcements, but I need to play with the tools as a Test Student before I can formulate a question about it.

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YES, this is very important. I try out all the course contents that I publish through the Student view, and it feels awkward not being able to view groups from this perspective.

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Yes, this would be very helpful. 

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Yes, this is a crucial tool to have.  I need to be able to know how a group assignment looks from a student's perspective - how a student knows which group they are in, how they know what day they are assigned something based on a group assignment - these are just two examples. 

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YES, I agree. I cannot work out what my students see. Please make this possible!