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Adding Accessibility in Canvas Quizzes

Adding Accessibility in Canvas Quizzes

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We would like to add the following accessibility/accommodation options in Canvas quizzes:

  • Allow teachers to assign the quiz to one student, but have that student have different settings than the rest of the class. (i.e. not shuffling questions and answers, etc.)
  • Allow Immersive Reader on the quizzes to help support our visually impaired students.

Please let us know if these accessibility options are possible.

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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived

Hello, @resartoris , and thanks for sharing these ideas! As this submission contains several different requests, one of which is already the topic of conversation elsewhere, we won't be able to move this forward in its current form.

Please add your support to  Immersive Reader in New Quizzes  —and take a moment to read through  Microsoft Immersive Reader in More of Canvas which explores the complexity of adding Immersive Reader to quizzes.

Turning to the second idea, this can be accomplished via differentiated assignments.  How do I assign an assignment to an individual stu...  provides the instructions for assigning a quiz to a single student. (This is possible for New Quiz assessments, as they are based on the assignment content type.)