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It would be very helpful if there was a way to assign modules or pages to the Canvas calendar/to do list instead of just assignments.  The way it's set up right now, it's very easy, and even intuitive, for kids to click on and complete (or at least try to complete) the assignment without ever looking at the accompanying lesson page. 

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HI @FosterTheMusic

I've opened your idea for conversation, as you can't currently add entire modules to the calendar. However, you may also consider adding requirements to your modules. Students won't be able to access assignments unless they've completed the preceding lesson/activity. 

Hopefully this helps! 



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That's very helpful, and I will look into that further.  Thank you! 

I guess part of the concern right now, though, is that students and parents really want to have a one-stop place where they can see what they still need to do, since at the moment, they have 7+ courses to try to juggle.  The calendar seems like the most logical place for that to happen, but it's not as easy to access the actual lessons from that spot, as only the assignments show up.   

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You can now add to-do dates to the pages within your modules, so it is possible to use the first page of the module to put the start of the module on the calendar, and even to add dates to multiple pages to pace student completion of the module. 

There is a check box below the page content labeled "add to student to-do."  When checked you will see a date entry box.

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