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Adding Multiple Course Documents to RCE

Adding Multiple Course Documents to RCE

The New RCE tool to add Course Document links automatically closes after selecting a single document. It would save a huge amount of time if you could select multiple documents from the list of Course Documents and add links within the RCE as a batch, rather than having to go through the Course Documents list over and over again. This is especially true for courses with large numbers of documents, where each addition requires a lot of scrolling. Being able to bulk-add course documents within the RCE would speed up the workflow for creating Pages or other items that include multiple document links.

Community Team
Community Team

mb_tju‌, is currently open for voting, so please add your support to the existing idea. We've archived this one to remove the duplication.


Surveyor II

Hi Stefanie,

Thanks, I saw that Idea although it seemed to refer specifically to uploading new documents/files rather than selecting existing course documents. Would it also cover adding multiple course documents to the RCE? If so I will comment and vote on that.



Community Team
Community Team

mb_tju, yes, you're right, and that's a fair distinction to make; I had overlooked the drag-and-drop aspect which is specific to adding files, but not course documents. We'll open this for voting as a companion idea.