Adding a Resubmit Button on Submission Details (Resubmit after Viewing Feedback)


Hello everyone! 

I have noticed over the years that students are struggling to go back and resubmit items after viewing instructor feedback. It would be wonderful if we had a 'Resubmit' button on the same page that students go to view instructor feedback within the submission details. This would prevent student's frustration of having to go back and track down the particular assignment, and then resubmit it according the submission requirements.

Feedback is imperative to student learning and Canvas has given instructors so many great ways to provide feedback, but students are missing out on the opportunity to resubmit assignments quickly, easily, and frustration free. Often times students will not resubmit the assignment because they have to go back and hunt down where it is--making instructor feedback of less value in the learning cycle. With the addition of a resubmit button students could be quickly redirected to upload, link, etc. the assignment again, without having to travel so many clicks away. 

I hope this is something we can incorporate along with : Resubmission of an Assignment being marked as a 'Resubmission' and Not 'Late'



A high school teacher and Canvas Advocate

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