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There should be a way to make the invite list for a conference editable even after it has concluded in the default version of Canvas Conferences. Once a conference has concluded, there is not a way to change the invite list for the conference. See this question: Adding students to a Concluded Conference?  for information on this problem from the product manager for BigBlueButton. 

Here's the use case that prompted this feature idea: I have an online instructor who does weekly lectures using Confnreces. She had a student add to her course late. Since this student was not in the course when the conference was created, she was not on the invite list. Sadly, however, we learned from looking at the above question that not only can the list not be edited, the link generated isn't shareable. So, even though the recording had not expired, it was still useless for this student. 

For cases like this, and the others referenced in the answer to the linked question, this is a feature Canvas should consider. 

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I agree!  Our whole purpose for getting the upgrade to Big Blue Button (Conferences Premium) was to have access to the recorded conferences for the whole year in our online math class.  Students who join the class late cannot access the recorded classes.  I'm sure many institutions would appreciate having late-add students able to view the recordings of the classes/conferences that happened before they joined.

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I thought that having the links in the course with premium version would allow all students to view the recordings no matter when the student joined the class. I had no idea that the recording was attached to the student (as this was not stated clearly in the the features of big blue button.) I had thought that the the recording would be attached to the Canvas course itself and not a student enrolled in the course.

Having been an online teacher for a long time, having the recordings available for ALL students no matter when that students begins the course is super important to my class. Being able to review concepts that the class went over at any time is also very important and needed.

Please consider attaching the recording to the course that is created and not the students enrolled in the course. This adds flexibility for the teacher and allows students to have access to the recordings no matter when they join the class.

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I wish I could up vote for the rest of the day. I'm new to Canvas, and followed instructions to create the conference and record it - only to discover I had only the option of adding students live rather than to the recorded conference. Ugh! I tried then to use Quicktime to screen record, but it doesn't include an option to capture the recorded audio. In the end, I'm going to need to redo a pair of lectures on some other platform. Canvas doesn't like PowerPoint's recorded audio, and doesn't appear to have a good alternative for voice over slide lectures. I'm rather frustrated. 

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This seems especially important right now. We need students to have full access to all we do online and a small oversight of accidentally not adding someone and them needing the recording of the conference.

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I use powerpoint to record lectures, export to an mp4 video(the audio works once it is a video), upload that to youtube (for automatic captions), and then embed the youtube video in a canvas page for students to watch.  For bigbluebutton to be useful for lectures it needs to allow me to permanently save a recording as a part of the course for current and future students to watch, with captioning for accessibility.  For now, I can only use bigbluebutton for office hours meetings

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Yes, please!
I was absolutely frustrated when noticed that the newly enrolled student cannot access the web conference as well as see the recordings. REALLY??

We have around 15-25 webinars on every course during the term and we need to create everything in advance, before the course starts. We have also late students and does it mean we have to remove all previously created BBB conferences and regenerate them again? 

I've seen this post and it seems like not only me is very confused with such a thing.

@ffdixon hello! 🙂 It seems like you are the person to contact? This proposal is already here for 3 years, is there any hope it will be implemented? What to do in our case? I don't know 😞

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