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Additional Save Button Placement for Pages

Additional Save Button Placement for Pages

Create a second option for saving at the top of the screen for Pages.

Community Team
Community Team, please specify the content type for which you'd like to see an additional Save button at the top. Each individual content type—e.g. Pages, Assignments, New Quizzes, Discussions, Announcements, Speedgrader—would need to be considered as a separate request for potential prioritization and development.

Thanks, Diane.


Done. Thank you.

Community Team
Community Team, we appreciate the edit. However, as currently written the idea still combines requests for changes to two separate features: Pages and Assignments. Would you please edit the idea to remove the second one, and then create a new feature idea for it? How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community?‌ provides guidance on singularly-focused ideas.