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My institution is transitioning to Canvas and one of the things we use the gradebooks in our current LMS for is to help keep track of various miscellaneous student data.  While the notes column is handy, it would be very useful to be able to create and delete additional notes columns when we need to keep track of certain non-grade progress and information across multiple instructors and courses.

For example, we have the lecture instructor input the extended time allotment for disability students into the gradebook so that we can download the information and then upload it into the lab gradebook so that we ensure the student is getting their accommodation in both portions of the class.

We also transmit unofficial grades from the lab gradebooks to the lecture gradebooks so that the lecturer can see how students are performing in lab and then they give the students an idea of their overall combined course grade.


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I would ask for one step further and make it possible to add grading notes to each assignment in the speedgrader.  Our previous LMS had an option in the the grading feature for a feedback note to an assignment for students and a 'note to self' for the instructor to note accomodations or other items specific to a student and assignment.  These notes to self were visible in the gradebook to the instructor and were extremely helpful come reporting time.

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I would love to be able to add an optional "notes" field when entering attendance. Such a field could be used to record what time a student arrived in the class if tardy, or whether an absence was excused or unexcused, or University-event related, etc.

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It would be nice to have text column capability in the Grade Center beyond the one Notes column.  Notes cannot be renamed to indicate what information is being stored there and we need more than a single text based column.  

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Each assessment task should have a notes column where tutors can flag assignments needing moderation or any other issues. At the moment I have to delete comments in the notes column (for up to 1000 students) - to clear it for each assignment.

A notes column for overall grade would also help when flagging supplementary or grade pending students in the IRM.

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