Admin Course Search - Remove Exact Phrase Limit

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My suggestion is for the Admin Course Search to be given options such as 'all these words' and 'any of these words' to assist in finding courses. At present, the search is limited to 'exact phrase' searches, meaning either have to be wide with just a single word or exactly correct, which is not always easy due to naming conventions.


Having other options would allow users to search something like 'modern history' and find courses like 'Modern South American History' and similar rather than having to search single phrases and scroll through all 'modern' or 'history' courses.

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This would be excellent as sometimes it can be hard to find the course I'm looking for if I don't search correclty.

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Thank you, @PatrickCox for this idea. Let's allow search operators too so that we can exclude certain terms from our searches. I did a check on a server where we create sandbox courses for our faculty to do hands-on assignments in our classes on how to teach online, but we give those courses the same name as the main course with "sandbox" appended to the name. That means 30+ invalid search results avoided for each valid search result if I could type:

online teaching & design -sandbox 


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