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Admin report of users in discussion groups by course

Admin report of users in discussion groups by course

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The idea is to have a  exportable admin report that will show by course the discussion group names and users assigned in the groups. As a minimum dataset like it to show:

  • Course Name
  • Course sis_id
  •  Group Name
  • sis_group_id
  • User Name
  • sis_user_id
  • workflow_state

It should be possible to download this data in a csv format.
Ideal would be to allow admin to select scope of report (by course or all courses) but can understand for performance this could be limited to course only and that for our needs at least would be acceptable.

(N.B. sure something similar to this may have been suggested but having searched for discussion groups  and discussion reports etc found no requests here only reference to others who have written their own tools to do similar see

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After going back to group discussions found we can achieve this through the "Import groups - download rosta file .  Only the workflow status missing from above request and can work around this.

The above idea can therefore be set to done, however to aid others it may be good to keep this in the knowledgebase for others to find as not something easy to find elsewhere.  

Community Team
Community Team
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Community Team

@lromans Thanks for updating this with the solution! We'll keep it here in 'archived' status so it remains discoverable.