Alert when a student has 2 or more large assignments on a day

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The problem: Our students are enrolled in 8 classes total; 5 academic classes. Students and families complain that there is a "lumpiness" to the workload. Students will have days with many tests, large projects, and big papers due. We have tried to solve this through more meetings, shared calendars, and dictated "major assessment days" -- none have been ideal. 

The proposal: A system in which Canvas assignments had an option to be labeled "major assignment / assessment" upon creation. This means that an assignment would flagged if it was a major project/test/essay. If in a different course, a teacher schedules another "Major assignment / assessment" an alert could pop up that said "Heads up! "Student Name" has another major assignment/assessment on this day!"

It would probably be most valuable if schools could decide what threshold for the the alert was (one other / two other major assessments/assignments). 

This would help teachers be more connected across disciplines and support student well-being by allowing teachers to understand the distribution of their workload.

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