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All Studio video comments in one place to moderate

All Studio video comments in one place to moderate

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Moderation of students comments in Studio videos is difficult when you have many videos in one course. It would be very nice to have one page where all comments could be read and moderated. It would also be very useful if there was a status indicator for new comments, for unread comments and unmoderated comments.

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I like this suggestion. It would be easier and more productive to have all the comments for videos of a course in just one "comments panel".

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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Viewing comments on a single page would help a lot.

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Yes please!!!

I need this feature too.  I have a lot of lecture videos in my course and each time I copy it my "Subscribe to comments" gets turned off.  I'm stuck manually turning them all back on every quarter, which is horribly time consuming with the number of videos I use in each course. One page where I can access all comments and see which are new, unread, or unmoderated would be great.  Even just a notification feature like we can do with discussion boards that is global that can be set to notify me about studio video comments in a single course would be helpful and save me so much time.