Allow Account Admin to select which sub account is used in Dashboard Course Creation Subaccount Menu


This new feature is great... but missed an essential piece. Choice.

Account Admins need the ability to choose which Sub Account users will create custom (Manually Created) courses. We do not want users to create courses where they have active enrollments as these are typically SIS courses and Manually Created Courses sub account has a different purpose in our environment. We've had a custom feature to do this for years and we create Sandbox (user created) courses in that sub account.

We'd like the ability in the Account Settings feature to pick a single sub account that's appropriate for users to create their course.


This needs a 'Select the sub account for course creation' dropdown.

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 09.46.58.png

The feature is already capable of allowing the user to select a sub account on another instance, if that's part of the Trust/Consortium and the user has an enrollment there. If we select 'Sandbox' sub account for each instance within this feature, we'd like the user to be presented with those 2 options.

Sandboxes - Instance 1

Sandboxes - Instance 2

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 09.50.09.png

I think other's are looking for this as well.


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Love this idea. Support it 100%. I believe we have some legacy Admins in our system who may not understand who we 'so Canvas'. So by limiting them to a sub-account we can help manage their expectations / experience.

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Might be asking too much, but would it also be helpful to be able to set how the Course Code and/or SIS_ID is created?

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+1 for this idea to make the original idea functional.  Admins need a way to indicate which sub-accounts are available for manually created courses.  And which are not.

The current option to allow manually created courses anywhere they are already enrolled, which  can introduce significant problems.

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