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Allow Annotations to Text Entry Submissions in SpeedGrader

Allow Annotations to Text Entry Submissions in SpeedGrader

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For basic skills and ESL students, uploading files is a barrier in and of itself. They can do text entry; teachers need to be able to annotate writing line by line. Add annotations to text entry boxes, please! Normally students with such low tech skills would not need to submit things online in the first place. Due to the pandemic, we are in desperate need of a much more simplified (yet centralized and easy to grade/give feedback on) submission method.

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Both @liliacordova and @Linnea ask for functionality that would be nice to have as a teacher, however - these are not "Text" submissions, but rather are HTML submissions - with all of the multimedia power of HTML. I think that this would require a major redesign of SpeedGrader as it currently takes only input files in a small number of formats and converts this into something that the Speedgrader markup can (sort of) work on. Note that I say "sort of" - as the transformed version from a number of input formats are nearly unusable with regard to making a lot of detailed edits (at the level of spelling and grammar errors) - hence rendering the tool not a time-saving tool. From a personal point of view, I find the current Speedgrader markup tool takes much longer than using Adobe Acrobat Professional.

I have found a far more useful method of giving very extensive writing feedback to students is to use Overleaf with change tracing enabled or Word with change tracking enabled. In both these cases, it is easy for the student to see your comments and changes to the document. In the case of one of my colleagues who is a native French speaker, he claimed to learn a lot of English by watching my real-time editing of a number of English language documents in Overleaf.

For HTML documents, it would seem to make much more sense to have another tool that lets you edit the HTML and would allow you to retain comments in the HTML  - unlike the current "RCE".


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