Allow Instructors to Expand All Groups and Search for Students in Groups


When creating groups as an instructor, there are two features that would be nice.

1) Allow all groups to be expanded with one click.  Sometimes I want to see all groups and group members.  The default is to have all groups collapsed.  Also, when a change is made (such as clicking on a name and selecting the group), even if all groups were expanded, they collapse again if the page is refreshed.  It would be nice if the groups weren't collapsed like that.

2) I would like to be able to search for a student when all groups are created.  This is currently possible for students (which I can see in student view), but not as an instructor.  In order to search for a student, I have to manually expand groups and then search with the browser.

Of the two suggestions, the first would be most helpful as using the browser to search for students is fine.


Thank you



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