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Allow OneNote: links and quit editing user input

Allow OneNote: links and quit editing user input

Using a link that starts with "onenote:" instead of "https:" instructs a users device to open of the onenote app or program and navigate to the correct section, page, paragraph, or even highlight a specific file.  This is extremely useful because the App is much more responsive and useful than the web version.  It allows you to have a table of contents on the canvas homepage for a onenote for example, or to assign a file from the onenote.  



Current behavior is as follows.  A user pastes a perfectly good link in starting with



The rich text editor changes the link to




If the html editor is used instead the link is simply deleted.

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Community Member

I have also had this problem.  Please advise or fix.  My students appreciate the hyperlinking the our class onenote.

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