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Allow Quizzes.Next assessment to be initial assessment for Mastery Paths

Allow Quizzes.Next assessment to be initial assessment for Mastery Paths

I would like to apply Mastery Paths as an option at the initial step of a Quizzes.Next assessment.  A specific use case is:

A student is assessed via a graded multiple choice quiz to be in one of three categories A, B, and C, with variable points assigned to each category of 0 pts, 1 pt, and 2 pts respectively.  Based on their assessed category, the student would be directed to the appropriate content for that category via Mastery Paths. 

NOTE: One can assign Mastery Paths to a Quizzes.Next quiz as the initial assessment, but attempting to use the Mastery Paths functionality fails (with no error message, that I could see).  Presumably, this is because this feature has not been implemented.

quiz issues masterypaths‌ (credited for a post that assisted in formulating this feature idea)

Community Team
Community Team

Thank you for sharing this idea,  and Welcome to the Canvas Community! For reference, this is discussed at 

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Hello Stephanie,

Thank you! I referenced the author of this post in my post – he has a different use case than I do.


We heavily leverage mastery paths in our classes and generally, it is the quiz that kicks off the mastery path for us. We need to be able to do this. Also, some teachers assign quizzes as part of their mastery paths and we need to be able to do this too.

Community Team
Community Team, the Canvas Deploy Notes (2020-03-28) that will be pushed to production over the weekend mentions a fixed bug in the behavior of New Quizzes as it relates to Mastery Paths (it's in the Fixed Bugs section, under Modules | New Quizzes | Modules and Mastery Paths Link). Could you take a moment next week to see if that change has resolved the issues you've raised in this idea?