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Allow Teachers to Enable/Disable Draft Comments in SpeedGrader

Allow Teachers to Enable/Disable Draft Comments in SpeedGrader

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Draft comments in Speedgrader require teachers to manually click “submit” before moving on to the next student submission. This can be helpful to keep a draft when you want to come back to it later, but it would be nice if there were an option in course settings that would allow teachers to disable or enable this draft feature. Teachers choosing to enable it would have the draft feature applied to their Speedgrader comments and would need to manually click submit; teachers choosing to disable this setting would have comments automatically posted when going to the next student submission or leaving the page, just like the score and annotated comments automatically save. The latter would save teachers time because they wouldn't need to click "submit."

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Community Team
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Great idea. I think that the posting of feedback automatically may have surprised some teachers who are not familiar with new gradebook and posting policies. Having the option, and making it obvious, that you can save comments as drafts could potentially assist some teachers from accidentally posting feedback before they are ready to.

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I would love to disable the draft feature.  As I hide all the scores until I am ready to post and would love to just hit the same button each time when grading students work.