Allow US Calendar to Start on Mondays


Currently, if your language is set to US English, your week will start on Sunday in the calendar. Please allow an option to view weeks starting on Mondays.

A web search shows that some users are getting around this by changing their language setting to UK English, but that seems like a step that could come with other consequences/limitations for the user.

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As I was wondering how could I change my calendar view to start weeks on Mondays instead of Sundays, I noticed the only way to do so is to change my language settings to UK English, which I guess would be odd at some point and prefer not to.

It would be a good idea to add this feature just as one can change the calendar view by week, month, or agenda without further complications.

Thanks for your time.

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It would be nice to allow the calendar to start on Mondays.

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This would be an extremely valuable setting, as all of my course materials are set up with weeks running Monday to Sunday. I'm aware of the "UK English" workaround, but if the calendar displays differently in a browser than on the app, this will create confusion for students.

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I'd also appreciate enabling this as a feature somewhere, or adding an extra language like US-MONDAY where the only difference is the request in this thread.

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We should have the option to start our calendar on Monday without having to switch our language settings to English (UK) which causes its own issues. I'm an instructor but I think it would be helpful for students as well.

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I would like this option as well. The majority of online calendars do have this option. This is outdated.

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I also look for this feature. Other users, previously asked the same under different questions, e.g.,

Hello, I was wondering if there is a setting I am just missing/over looking that allows me to change the week start for my calendar to Monday. Every other calendar I use the week starts on Monday so I occasionally overlook the fact the week starts on Sunday on the Canvas Calendar.”


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