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Allow Zip Submissions for Re-Upload

Allow Zip Submissions for Re-Upload

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Hi, everyone! Canvas Admin here. 

Today I had an instructor that unexpectedly received a new CRN. Before her old shell expired, we were able to retrieve the zip files for two of her ungraded assignments. However, it was determined that Canvas does not allow re-submission for new assignments created. You can only download and re-upload on the same assignment. 

Instructors do not always know the modality of their course is changing and sometimes are only given one day's notice. I think it would be a great feature to allow any zip file to be uploaded as a re-submission to prevent the students having to re-submit OR the admins having to re-submit for them, which has academic integrity questions. 

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Hi @MGrimes3,

Fellow Canvas admin here. I have an alternate workaround that we sometimes have to use here when we are in a pinch...  If you can get at least some warning of the impending change, you can go into the original Canvas course and change the SIS ID to match what the new one will be given.  You may also have to do this for the section, depending on your SIS integration.  If you successfully do this, the course shell is preserved with all of the original student work, grades, etc.

Maybe this will help you in the future...


Community Team
Community Team
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