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Has anyone else noticed the following behavior in Canvas?

When you create a new discussion as a teacher or a course designer, your avatar and name gets assigned to it. A nice touch, isn't it?


Here is where it gets dicey. If I'm a course designer preparing a course site for a teacher, unless I masquerade as the instructor, the discussions show up under my name, which is at best confusing for students. And I have no other way to transfer the ownership back to the instructor. He has to recreate the discussions, period.

Another use case is when course imports are used. If I import a IMS CC .zip file from another site, the discussions will not be assigned to any user at all.


Could it be possible to enable:

  1. Unassign discussions so they don't show up as owned by anyone (like the second screenshot)?
  2. Transfer ownership back to another instructor in the class on individual discussions or in bulk?

That's it, thanks for voting up!

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 @j_e_sjoberg ‌ Good clarification.  The creator of a discussion should only be shown in the unusual event that it is a student--in courses that allow this. 

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Please create some functionality around this feature. As an Instructional Designer who often helps edit faculty work, I don't want students to be confused by a different Author than their professor in the course. A faculty member has also expressed as much to me, and while I can blank out my profile picture with a white page,  I cannot remove my name from the discussion post. While small, this would be a great quality of life update for me and I'm sure many others.

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I would like it so when an announcement is copied into a new course, the correct (teacher's) avatar is listed. Currently when you copy announcements from another course it changes the poster to "U" meaning "unknown user".  

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Another vote. Why wouldn't the teacher's avatar be associated with a specific class??!! It's amazing that this wasn't part of the original design (IMHO)!

Yes, please. Can you fix this? Thanks!

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I'd like to see the ability to update the author and "creation" date on announcements. Currently, when I import announcements from a previous semester (that I've written myself), it indicates an unknown author "U" and retains the original creation date. If I release the announcement like this, it doesn't reflect that I am the author and it gets buried deep in the announcements because of the old creation date. The only option currently is to delay the release of all announcements (to a date beyond the current semester), then copy and paste the announcement into a "new announcement" when I am ready to use it during the current semester. It takes a long time to do this at the beginning of each semester for all of my announcements. Thanks for looking into this!

It would be nice if this functionality could be combined with a complete enhancement of announcements, including publish/unpublish capability for announcements.

Thank you!

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