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Allow filmed responses in quizes

Allow filmed responses in quizes

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I teach ASL, which relies heavily on videos. Having students film themselves, then upload the video is cumbersome, particularly when they are using Chrombooks that don't natively have a way for students to record and save videos. Students are currently able to film themselves in Canvas for an assignment, I would like that feature to be added to quiz questions. The current option to upload a file is not very efficient for students to upload, and for me to grade. If students could film responses to questions, it would allow me to better and more quickly assess their comprehension and expressive abilities in a way that does not rely on English at all. 

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Community Team
Community Team

Thanks for sharing this idea. We currently have three ideas being discussed that are associated with the functionality you've requested: 

We've archived this idea to remove the duplication and keep the conversations unified under their respective spots.