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Allow images into SpeedGrader Comment Library - virtual stamps

Allow images into SpeedGrader Comment Library - virtual stamps

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When I was grading essays by hand, I had a collection of stamps that I used as shortcuts.  The students would see the stamp and know immediately what grade consequence they'd received or what they needed to do with the assignment to fix it.  It would be really useful to me if we could somehow upload gifs or pngs to some kind of file library (or import them from an online source) to add to assignments in SpeedGrader as a part of the grading process, something like the tags Turnitin's Feedback Studio will let you drag and drop but not limited to words and accessible in the app, not just the browser.  

Community Team
Community Team
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Hi @swaters13 -

I think this would be a fun way to leverage the Comment Library! I adjusted the title of the idea to make it easier for other Community Members to make the connection between your request and the already-existing feature in Canvas that could "house" this action.

How do I use the Comment Library in SpeedGrader? 

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Thanks so much.  I realized when I wrote the post that it was a little rambling.  This is exactly what I had in mind.  As I was thinking about this whole topic, I also wondered if this wouldn't be especially useful for elementary school users as well.

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Hello Canvas 

I am an instructor for a private elementary and middle school. It is possible to add stamps (good job, excellent, nice work, etc.. ) to the grade book program where we can add to the assignment itself? This will be great for the elementary levels. (k-5).


Mercedes Sanchez





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I think it would be beneficial to students' morale, retention & completion if we could attach a sticker/emoji (star, "job well done", different cute symbols & sayings) to let them know we are proud of them & they are doing a good job.  Cute & festive stickers are so much more fun than just words!