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Allow instructor to change default so modules post to TOP of feed

Allow instructor to change default so modules post to TOP of feed


I make my Modules the home page for my students, and I like for them to see the most recent information first.  As it is now, the default is for new modules and content to post to the bottom of the feed, which means I have to scroll all of the way to the bottom and Move Module to the top every single time I create a new module.  I'd love to be able to customize this feature so that all of my new module content automatically posts to the top so my kids always see newest first and I don't have to spend time scrolling!  It's a small thing, but I post an average of 5-6 assignments in one module a week, so as the year goes on, it gets tedious!

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Having new modules that are created and added go automatically to the top would be ideal and user friendly for all that use Canvas.  If this feature can be added, that would be awesome.  

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Please honor this request. It makes sense...and it's annoying.

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There should be a way to change the settings, so that teachers who want the newest modules to load at the top, can choose that option.

It's time consuming to have to click and move a module to the top every. single. time.

Far more time than it has taken me to figure out how to register and submit this request.

Please and thanks!

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Yes, I agree.  We should be able to choose to have newest modules go automatically to the top (that should be the default anyway; I'm guessing most would prefer that).  When is this happening?  It does not seem like too hard a fix...

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In my experience, most faculty want the course ordered sequentially.  And as other's have said, it's more complicated than just placing the module at the top to begin with. It would be confusing for using the module requirements and prerequisites as well as the next buttons to move through content. 

Anyway, instead of scrolling to move a module from the bottom to the top, just use the "Move to" tool in the module. You can move the bottom module to the top with just a couple of clicks.

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Yes, yes, yes!  I do this, too, and would really appreciate this addition!

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PLEASE! This makes my life such a pain, if you copy modules you then have to scroll through 50 of them to get to the bottom to click to --move it and then ---move it to the top. Even with them all collapsed since we have daily modules, it is INSANE and is so incredibly clicky. If you could PLEASE just offer the ability to change the default to TOP instead of BOTTOM. You really would CHANGE MY LIFE!!

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Yes please make this happen!  Thanks.

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While I would still like for this change/addition to happen, I do want to point out the suggestion posted by @gnoack above:

Once you create (and scroll down to) the new module, you can just click on the three vertical dots on the right side, and select "Move module" to move it to the top.  I had missed this procedure, before, and it has made things a lot easier since I discovered it!


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Like other contributors, I would find it incredibly useful to have new modules start at the top, rather than at the bottom. Please consider making this change, or at least allowing teachers to change this placement in the settings. I teach young kids, and I want them to see the week's opportunities first, rather than way down below. 

Likewise, is there a way to have class discussions work similarly? As far as I can tell, what student contributors see first is the first contribution, rather than the latest contribution. In order to find new posts, the reader must drag to the bottom. 

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I agree with everyone. Teachers should be able to choose between Top to Bottom or Bottom to Top module set ups. I've always manually rearranged modules from Bottom to Top, but I've come across a problem that I cannot work around. I cannot add pre-requisites because Canvas won't allow you to choose a module that is below. (Because it assumes that the module is in the future). So if you do Bottom to Top arrangement, Pre-requisites don't work. This is dumb. 

Hello Canvas Developers, are you listening to us? 

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"Hello Canvas Developers, are you listening to us? "

No.  That's why I abandoned linking modules together.  Great idea, but I can't implement it until they actually care about the very limitations you are describing.

They have had the whole "submit your ideas" schtick since I've worked with the system.   Nice people for sure, but they shine us on about any changes.  They have these "most requested items" that are the same year to year to year.  However, there really isn't an incentive for them to make the's not like the folks who purchase this for schools care about the order of module lists.

As a consequence, we can ask for changes and submit requests, but that's just to make us feel like we're doing something.  Sorry that's so cynical.  You'd think, if quality of the teacher experience was the focus, they could make a change like this or at least say it ain't ever gonna happen.

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Not sure how these things work, but I voted this 5 stars and am commenting to voice my support for the idea as well.

I understand that "most-recent-module-on-top" doesn't work for everyone, but PLEASE at least give us the option!  I've been wanting this for YEARS, as have many other users, as evidenced by the countless times this request is posted and upvoted, and I am very disappointed that Canvas has done nothing about it.

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Please allow for us to choose where we want new modules to be placed in the overall list of modules.  Having it default to the bottom (and having that as the only option) is problematic for those of us who want the new modules to always be at the top of the list.  By Module 20+ the move upward takes forever, and if we use blueprints then we have to make this move for multiple sections.

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This would be incredibly helpful!

Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
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YES!!!!!!! Putting it at the bottom is very inconvenient for both students and teachers!

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