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Allow instructor to choose if gradebook category is mean of average or mean of points

Allow instructor to choose if gradebook category is mean of average or mean of points

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I have found old and similar topics related to the grade book adjusting for assignments with different point values, with the common Canvas response being to assign the same point values to all assignments.  As many instructors have pointed out, this is not the best educational option.  In my case, for my assignments I display percentages.  That way, as student who receive a 0 out of 20 on one assignment and a 9 out of 10 on another would not be treated differently compared to a student who received a 18/20 and 0/10.  That is, my expectation (wrongly!) would be for that assignment category both students would see a 45%.  Instead the first student sees a 30% and the second a 60%.  The reason being that despite the assignments and category displaying as percentages, the category value is based on points and not the mean of the averages.

Simple solution: Allow instructors to select whether they want the category to be based on points or the averages.  By using the averages, instructors can use different point values per assignment as all will be weighted equally.  Whereas instructors who want to use different points and thus keep weight differences can use the points system for categories.

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Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea, @ajw13 . Although it's written differently, we believe  Assignments within weighted groups treated with eq...  shares the same problem statement and is aimed at the same goal.

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