Allow more customization of dropping lowest score


"Drop lowest score" is too limited to be useful.  For example, my course works on total points, and I have assignments ranging from 5 to 100 points in the gradebook.  Right now, "Drop lowest grade" could mean one student getting a 5 point assignment dropped, and another getting a 100 point assignment dropped.

It would be helpful if we could set a maximum amount of points or maximum value of an assignment that can be dropped, rather than having to pick every assignment that should be ignored.  Since dropping the lowest score typically happens at the end of a semester, it makes for a lot of work to have to manually go through a gradebook and choose every assignment to exclude.

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For me this problem would be solved by setting a maximum number of points that someone can earn in a category. For instance, I allow students to earn up to 100 points for quizzes and give them 14 possible quizzes each worth 10 points. I will count points from any number of quizzes up to 100 total so dropping a number of assignments is not a solution for this. This also leads to student confusion because of inaccurate grading feedback being presented to students.

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