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Allow moving files between pre-existing modules in different courses

Allow moving files between pre-existing modules in different courses

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The current way the Canvas import tool is implemented feels problematic to me. It's clunky and feels like using a steamroller to hammer in a nail. I would like finer control.

For example, I would like to be able to tell Canvas to duplicate a file inside a module from within one course, then give the destination as the same (already present, but empty) module in the other course. For each individual file.

This situation arises from the fact I'm using a university template for a course, with the details left for me to fill in. Part of this template is empty modules for each week of the semester.

As it is, I have to say I want to import an entire Canvas course, then say I want to select specific files/modules, then say I want to import those files. Even so, this is not quite the result I want: This appears to copy a new version of, say, the Week 2 module into the new course, leaving the original empty, which I now have to delete. Worse, Week 2 ends up at the bottom, and I have to drag it all the way back up near the top of the stack. I was hoping the files would end up in the empty module that was already there, not create a new one and put it at the bottom. Having to do this several times over the semester is bound to be infuriating.

So, I suggest, instead of Import entire Canvas Course->Select specific files->Select relevant Modules/Files, then Delete old Module, then Drag new Module (with files to proper position), please implement a more efficient strategy:

E.g., Select set of files->Duplicate->Choose ANY Canvas course->Choose destination folder in that course. No rearrangements or deletions necessary. Having to start with Import Canvas Course to move a single file between courses is inane.

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Instructure Alumni
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