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Allow only correct answer options in Fill-In-the-Blank Word Bank (in New Quizzes)

Allow only correct answer options in Fill-In-the-Blank Word Bank (in New Quizzes)

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I wish New Quizzes allowed us to have only correct answer options in Fill-In-the-Blank Word Bank.

As it is, each blank requires at least one incorrect answer, which basically means your Word Bank is required to have at least 50% distractor options. 

I find this both unnecessary and annoying.

We should be able to have a word bank in which all options fit correctly somewhere.

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Hi @ThisGuyRic

Thanks for posting your idea! I'm a tiny bit confused about the use case for your idea request. Typically, a fill-in-the-blank word bank would include a selection of options from which the student must choose. If you want to require an exact match for students, perhaps the right answer type is "Open Entry" instead? Would you be willing to edit your above idea with a use case explanation? 



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Community Team
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Hi @Allie_Dilts! Thanks for the opportunity to clarify! Here's a sample from a quiz I built (it's for a process training for teachers):

After a teacher submits a digital ____1___ sample, the sample will be checked. If it is accepted, it will be uploaded into ___2____, and the teacher will be notified. If the sample is not accepted, the teacher will be ___3____ and told what must be fixed. The teacher must then ___4____ the sample using the same Google Form for their site/dept.
I'd like to make a word bank with just the four correct words, and then the student has to place them in the correct place.
This feature New Quizzes is lovely, and I'd like to use it for student practice and for formative assessments, so I'd like to have the option to have a paragraph with multiple blanks and a word bank that only contains correct answers, no distractors.
The Open Entry option is also a lovely feature, but I'm imagining using this word bank for earlier in the student's learning, when they're still practicing with new content, and I'd like to make it relatively easy for them to actively engage the content. It would be useful for students practicing with new vocabulary and/or concepts that they're still learning.
Does that make sense?
Community Team
Community Team

Hi @ThisGuyRic , 

Yes, that does make sense! Thanks for the clarification! I believe there's an existing idea requesting the functionality you're maybe hoping for. In the meantime, you might benefit from using a Categorization question type. It's not a drop-down, but you could put each part of the process in the "category" section, and the correct word in the "answer" field. From there, students can drag and drop the correct answers to the applicable categories. 

Existing idea that might fit what you're looking for:

If the idea I've linked above makes sense and seems to meet your needs, please add your comments and ratings there. Also, if that idea seems like it's requesting something similar to what you're hoping to see, please let me know and I'll archive your idea here. 


- Allie 



I was checking to make sure there wasn't an existing post to my problem after chatting with support and found this one which is very close.

The last response didn't address the problem brought up by @ThisGuyRic .  

The problem is that when we are using the fill in the blanks question and want to use a word bank it requires at least two words to be added per blank to the word bank. Only one is the right answer. This results in a ridiculous amount (50%) of distractors. 

Generally, I believe teachers would expect to have the wordbank to apply to all blanks in the question.

Categorization doesn't provide the same type of assessment as fill in the blanks does.

The existing idea that was shared had to do with formatting them to be on different lines or in a table. 

Can we please have a true word bank for multiple fill in the blank questions in new quizzes?

Thank you for your help


Community Team
Community Team

@Dwolfe_Sequoia Would you read through New Quizzes: Fill in the blank dropdown list reuse... - Canvas Community and see if that discussion aligns with what you're hoping to see?


Hello @Stefanie 

While I agree that the other post has some helpful ideas it pertains only to the drop down feature and/or reusing the same set of answers. 

We are frustrated with the word bank feature. We don't want to be forced to have a word bank where at least 50% are distractors.