Allow option for ungraded survey and practice quiz to "display in grade book"

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I'd like to see an option to "display in grade book" for UNgraded surveys and practice quizzes.

That way we can provide student feedback. For instance, I like to have students complete a "self assessment progress report". I set it up as a "graded" survey worth zero points so that I can see it in the grade book and respond to each student. I made all the questions worth zero points as a work around. 

But I also like to provide "extra credit" quiz that I only use to drop some other lower grade. If this is done as a regular (graded) quiz, students gain points as soon as they submit it. Then when I check later to determine if I want to use it to substitute for something else and find that I do NOT want to use it this way, I have to "excuse" the practice quiz. Then the student sees their point total has gone down and they get distressed and I get emails from them having to explain this. If I could just set a graded quiz to "not count toward grade" or for a practice quiz to "display in grade book" (display points but not add them to point total), that would be nice.

Another option might be to allow "complete/incomplete" as an option for graded quizzes or surveys (so they don't add points).

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@lshulman "Ungraded Survey" and "Practice Quiz" are elements of Classic (Old) Quizzes. Our product teams are no longer developing new functionality on the code base for Classic Quizzes, which is scheduled for deprecation, so we've archived this idea.

For New Quizzes, the suggested solution for practice quizzes is just as you've described: create an assignment/quiz worth 0 points and/or select the "do not count" option in the assignment settings.

If you'd like to see a separate survey option developed for New Quizzes, please add your support to  True surveys.