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Allow "Missing" label to be enabled/disabled

Allow "Missing" label to be enabled/disabled


Currently, the "missing" label that appears throughout Canvas on student assignments, Speedgrader, etc. appears for every student who has a missing assignment regardless of the specific intentions of the teacher or the type of assignment (ex: one that requires a submission).

I would like to see Canvas allow this to be optional. For example, it would be beneficial during the assignment creation process if there was a drop-down menu that included the option allowing the assignment to be marked as missing after the due date or not. Another idea would be to provide a check-box on Speedgrader that would allow the teacher to check/uncheck the "missing" label feature and therefore remove it from certain student's Canvas profiles.

I have students now who have an excused reason for turning an assignment in late but because it wasn't submitted by the due date, that assignment has been marked "missing," which cannot be undone even now that the student submitted the assignment and I graded it. Having the option to add/remove this label will also help students pay more attention to "missing" once they know it actually indicates a missing assignment.

Comments from Instructure

The work on late and missing policies in September and December made it possible to manually remove a missing label from an assignment.  You can read more about these updates in the following releases

Community Participant

As reported in case 04864273, this feature is NOT friendly for face-to-face courses where students have the option of submitting their assignment in person or in class.  For "on paper" submissions, even after the instructor enters the grade, the "missing" flag is still there.  The teacher has to go back through and turn off the online submission ability for this to go away (it does go away in the student view but not the instructor view).  

Removing Missing and Late Labels suggestion involves adding code to the external js, which we're constantly being told isn't supported and recommended against.

As stated in my ticket:  Again.....For on the ground classes, having to switch back and forth to give students the choice of submission type (online vs. on paper), this isn't feasible, causes instructor confusion, and causes student stress and confusion. This is a usability bug. 

Overall, this goes back to my discussion with our CSMs where it feels like the users are being ignored when we point out issues with the product.

Community Member

Please revisit these very helpful suggestions:

1.  When creating  assignments allow a toggle for "mark assignment missing after due date" and one for "employ late penalty for this assignment"

2.  In speedgrader, allow for a toggle to turn off the missing and late indicators rather than having to do so from only the gradebook

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