Allow "non-standard" grades in Final Grade "Override" column

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In addition to the grades that appear in the Canvas course grading scheme, many higher ed Student Information Systems accept alternative values (typically alphanumeric) to indicate special situations such as an incomplete, academic misconduct, stopped attending or never attended, etc.  At Indiana University, for example, the following values are not only accepted, but required in lieu of the standard letter grade under certain circumstances:

  • I
  • I*
  • F*
  • FN
  • FNN

It would be nice if Canvas allowed instructors to add these values into the "Override" column.  That way, they could be pushed or pulled into the SIS as part of the  institutions Canvas Gradebook/SIS integration.  This would also insure that the final grade in Canvas matches the final grade that appears on the student's transcript.  Ideally, the institution would be able to input acceptable values for the override column in addition to those represented in the course grading scheme as an account-level setting

This suggestion was made many years ago as part of the final grade override feature request, but never implemented.  


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This is a great idea, @leward! Being able to enter these non-standard but SIS-acceptable grades into the Final Grade Override column would eliminate the need to keep extra spreadsheets, post-its, or lists of students who have been given some alternative grade based on the circumstance. This would be especially helpful in large courses and would reduce a lot of time that we spend using the SIS import feature and then still having to manually comb through folks before submitting official grades.

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We also need this functionality to push an "I" to the SIS for incomplete.