Allow rich content editor to access shared Google drives and OneDrive

It is great to be able to link or embed files from my own personal Google drive however we have a shared faculty Google drive that would be great to be able to embed files from. Therefore, it would be great if not only have the option to link or embed files from my Google drive but also from shared Google drives that I have access to.


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Allow Canvas to access One Drive shared folders when you are linking an external tool (Office 365).

When you send out a course to other teachers, this is a problem even if you share a one drive folder with them because you can't see a shared folder when you are linking a office 365 document with external tools.

As a result you have to go and copy and paste all the files from colleagues...


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There are multiple ways external documents from these services can be embedded in Canvas, but going forward the recommended ways will be via Google Assignments and OneDrive. Their integrations are very robust and actively being developed by Google and Microsoft respectively.

If Google Assignments does not currently make Shared Drives available I recommend directing this Feature Idea to that team. (They have been very receptive to discussion in my experience!)

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