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Allow students to block messages from other students

Allow students to block messages from other students

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Sometimes students send unwanted or even harassing messages to other students, unsolicited. It would be great if students could block messages from senders who are upsetting them. 

I realize this could pose a problem for some institutions, so I'd suggest making it an institutionally configurable option. 

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Hi @A00364575

There are a couple conversations that suggest ideas that may solve for this.

Block students from e-mailing each other through C... - Canvas Community 

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Could you look at both and see if it make sense for your conversation to be merged with one of them?


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Hi Naomi,

Thanks for looking into this! I looked at those feature requests, but they weren't the solution I was looking for. I'm at a higher ed institution, and we need to keep open the ability for students to message each other. Often students need that capability for group work, study groups, etc. But we do occasionally get students who abuse that capability, and we'd like to give individual students the ability to protect themselves without shutting down messaging for everyone in the class. We expect students will still want and need the capability to message others in the class even if they wish to block messages from a specific student. 

So, I actually wouldn't vote for the features above. They are too overreaching for us. This narrower approach would be better.

Thanks for checking!

Neal Legler, USU

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We are K12 and I receive this request from schools somewhat regularly. We don't want to turn off the ability for students to message one another, especially during remote learning, but there are bullying and harrassment issues that come up and individual users don't have the ability to block incoming messages from specific peers, nor do we have any admin abilities to prevent students who abuse the inbox from sending messages to their classmates. It's really a pressing need to ensure a safe learning environment for our students.


Please give students the ability to block other students from messaging them. That way students cannot harass or spam other users. Or at least give us the option to report the message as spam or harassment.