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Allow students to edit peer review rubrics after submission

Allow students to edit peer review rubrics after submission


My peer review rubric was somehow submitted before I was done and now my peers have a score of 0. I should be able to go back and add the appropriate points and comments on the rubric for their work. 

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I have a few instances of this every semester even with a four-criterion peer review rubric.  I don't dare put up the 38-item rubric until student can edit their reviews.  I have them upload a spreadsheet instead and have an external script parse the spreadsheet and post the entries as an assignment comment using the API.


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The peer review function should allow the peers to use a rubric and then a separate rubric is provided for the grader. C'mon people!!

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I agree. This is quite annoying. I have students repeatedly e-mailing me about edits they want to make to rubrics or have to post their "edits" in the general comments box, which is really not ideal.