Allow students to edit peer review rubrics after submission


My peer review rubric was somehow submitted before I was done and now my peers have a score of 0. I should be able to go back and add the appropriate points and comments on the rubric for their work. 

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I have a few instances of this every semester even with a four-criterion peer review rubric.  I don't dare put up the 38-item rubric until student can edit their reviews.  I have them upload a spreadsheet instead and have an external script parse the spreadsheet and post the entries as an assignment comment using the API.


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The peer review function should allow the peers to use a rubric and then a separate rubric is provided for the grader. C'mon people!!

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I agree. This is quite annoying. I have students repeatedly e-mailing me about edits they want to make to rubrics or have to post their "edits" in the general comments box, which is really not ideal.

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If a student has completed an assigned peer review, but then wants to go back and add to it, or change it, there is not an option for them to do that. You cannot go back and add new comments or edit a peer review if you have the students use a rubric. The rubric is locked once they hit save the first time, there is no way for them to reopen the rubric for editing the points or any embedded comments in the rubric. They can add a new overall comment, but that is all, so this is still problematic if students wanted to save progress and come back later or grade something that is continuous and not related to a one-off assignment (which is what we want to use this for).

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Olian is exactly right. I can't fathom why Canvas won't make this change, other than that they do not think their software has any problems in it that should be solved. The peer review function is not strong enough for me to justify using it. 

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I completely agree -- apparently there used to be a function in Canvas that at least allowed an administrator to delete a student peer review, but that has been disabled. 

Not allowing students to edit their review is problematic. Not allowing instructors to delete a peer review is also problematic. What happens if you have a rogue student who submits something inappropriate in their review? Why is there no recourse for an instructor to delete the comments? I have been trying to incorporate more peer feedback -- and every time I use this feature in Canvas, I am reminded why it is not something that is designed to work well. 

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I use peer review frequently with my students in my Basic English course. Having them get started on the process in class and then letting them complete the assignment out of class should they need to is a common occurrence. Not being able to save and then edit the peer review rubric is odd, since it's the same rubric I use as an instructor and I can save, view the rubric, make changes and save again. 

I'd love to see a similar feature for students.

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