Allow students to email 'All Teachers'

Canvas Conversations currently does not allow students to email 'All Teachers'. Instead, students must click on the name of each teacher they want to include in their message. This may work well in a classroom with one teacher, but there are many courses where there may be multiple professors and/or TAs whom students might need to contact. The process of finding and clicking all of the individual names can become very tedious. Additionally, at the collegiate level, there are often learning designers who help to provide technical support during the first semesters of an online course offering. Having an option for students to email 'all teachers' would allow others with administrative rights in a course (including learning designers) to monitor student emails and be able to better serve students' technical needs in a timely fashion.
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But only if one can disable that as well. We usually don't want students emailing all the instructors (20+) in a course.

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This sounds like a great option for team-taught courses. I often had students email another instructor and assuming we all shared information. This way we'd all have a record.

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I was about to write a request for this very topic. How do I resubmit this for voting?

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In the Help Menu Link, I would like to have 'Ask my Teaching Team a Question" and have that email the Teachers, TAs and Course Admins."  Our instructors are worried about being the only person on the team to be asked a question so we have needed to remove the link from our help menu.

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I'm also interested in students being able to message all teachers across all courses within the term. Consider a college student wanting to notify all her instructors that she is ill and will not be in class. Having a way to send a single message to all of them (pick "All teachers this term") without having to pick them from each of the courses (pick course, pick teacher) would make life much easier.

Yes, I agree that institutional admin should have the ability to allow this behavior or not.

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