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Allow teachers to subscribe to a group discussion

Allow teachers to subscribe to a group discussion

Our faculty would like to be able to subscribe to the group discussions in their course so they can follow along, be alerted when a student posts something new, post feedback, and keep discussions on track.


(This was originally submitted by Brandon Pousley, but did not receive enough votes to move forward.  I was hoping this time it would get more votes.)


I definitely need to be able to subscribe to discussions split into groups. I tried groups for the first time this term and was dismayed to find that I could not receive notifications when a students posted second and subsequent replies. This left me having to search each group individually to see if a student had replied to me or to any other students. An important part of my online teaching is responding to student discussion posts, and this lack of notifications ability made that too tedious and time-consuming, I will not be using groups again until this is fixed.


It is possible to subscribe and therefore get notifications when students post to discussion boards where they are not divided into groups.  However, to make the work more managable for instructors and for the students to feel part of a smaller group we have divided them up for most discussion boards. Currently it is not possible to subscribe to group discussions.  This would be really helpful.