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Allowing Export gradebook by section(s)

Allowing Export gradebook by section(s)

Reposting an old request that we made last year. Now that we have fully transitioned to Canvas. It is becoming increasingly clear that this is a feature that is needed in Canvas.


We have some very large classes in our university with a large amount of sections that we crosslist into one course such as 100/200 level Chemistry, Physics or Speech classes. Said course would have a series of instructor who are each responsible for their own sections. An instructor could be responsible for 4 sections totaling 200 students but would only like to export the grades and work on the students in section A (50ish students). That is not currently possible as exporting the gradebook export everyone in the sections you are assigned to at the very best and export everyone in all the section if the flag isn't set so that they can only see the students in their section.


When instructors select a specific section in their gradebook to view and Canvas shows them that section and its students in the gradebook. The expected behavior would be for the Export button to export the dataset that is being displayed at that point. Which is just that one section's gradebook. That is currently not possible.


To take this idea one step further, it would be ideal to allow instructors to check the section of the course that they would like to export. An instructor could check Section A, C, D and F out of Section A-G and only export those 4 sections to a csv file.


Rob Ditto mentioned on the last idea post that this used to be possible at one point. Hopefully this idea could be re-added.

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As we know, Canvas already sorts and separates the grades for individual sections (accessible via the dropdown menu) that have been combined under one course listing on Canvas.  Thus, it's simply stunning that one can't export the separated information that is there on the screen right in front of you.   For many of us, the Canvas gradebook can't do things we need done, so we use Excel instead.  So, since universities require professors to submit grades based on individual sections, not combined Canvas sections, how does it make sense to have all the students from different sections combined into one CSV file?   I'm sure there are back-end complexities that I'm not aware of.   But it's this sort of tremendous inefficiency and digital busy work (sorting the information from 90-120 students into multiple separate Excel files) that makes me want to give up on online learning management systems altogether. 

My personal frustration aside, my colleagues and I would be extremely grateful if an "Export Individual Sections" functionality could be added to the Gradebook.  


I frequently teach multiple section courses, and need to submit gradebooks in separate excel spreadsheets.  There is a simple work around:  The section is one of the columns in the exported spreadsheet.  I use the data menu within excel, and turn on the filter.  This puts a drop down menu at the top of every column for filtering by the data in that column, and I use the drop down menu on the "section" column to select one section at a time, and then select all and copy-paste into a new workbook.  It is "digital busy work" but one section at a time is much faster than one student at a time, and whether I download one excel file per section or copy-paste one excel file per section it is about the same amount of busy work. 

It would be nice to have a button for "submit all grades" that automatically forwards to admins a letter grade using the course grading scheme in a format that is compatible with college records and an excel gradebook copy divided by section, but that would definitely have back-end complexities Smiley Happy

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That would be very good.

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This idea is close to 4 years old! This is something that needs to be addressed and hopefully implemented.


I agree Shaun! This would be very useful for our faculty as well. I hope something is being worked on!

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Same as D2L.  Just allow us to group students into sections in a single course then export that section of students.  Also give us the ability to select the assignments we would like exported... (ie, quiz 1, 2, 3, 5, and overall average).  It seems like a "Duh" feature to add.


I agree,‌. I believe Canvas already has all the data for student section enrollment, so hopefully it wouldn't be too difficult to export it in a more useful format.


I need to be able to separate out the sections because my school district does not know how to integrate the canvas with eschool.  I have used canvas at the college level and it is so much easier.  The school district is using eschool and the only way I can do the grades in both systems is to export them from the canvas one assignment at a time to eschool and now I find out that that is not an option with having cross sections.  This is such a mess. I was told to go to this site and vote on having it a priority to be able to sort the grades by sections but it has not gotten enough votes to be a priority.  Well I hope everyone will help me by commenting and making this a priority now.  I have all virtual students.  I am already working harder to put the grades into two different systems this needs to become a huge priority.  Maybe canvas should chime in on the Facebook teachers using canvas and then they would know all the problems that teachers are facing with this canvas system.  It is great but it lacks in this department.  Please make sections in canvas for cross reference a priority so I dont have to do my grades in two different systems.


I was told we need to vote on this idea by clicking on the starts to get canvas attention so they will make cross section and export import for one section to be submitted to the excel spread sheet.

Please vote on this.