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Allowing "list view" for observer accounts

Allowing "list view" for observer accounts

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List view can be a nice way for parents to see at a glance a summary of the student's classes without having to click the course card to go into each class. Currently, only students, teachers/admins have this view. Can we please have this view for observers as well?

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Community Team

Hi! This would be a great feature for the browser experience, yes. In the meantime, have you looked at Canvas Parent? It has an at-a-glance view for each week that sounds very similar to what you've described! 😊

What is the Canvas Parent app? 

How do I view the calendar of events and assignments for a student in the Canvas Parent app on my iO... 

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I'm new to canvas as is my son.  In trying to find an optimal workflow for him, we discovered the list view and found that out of all of the available options, the list view on the dashboard was the best way for him to know where he stood each day.  He can mark assignments that the teachers intended to be optional as complete even if he hasn't submitted anything. It's like a giant to do list of all of his assignments for every class in chronological order by due date.  I would love to be able to log in as an observer and see the exact same view.  As it stands, I am forced to log in as him.  There is no other way to see at a glance if he has incomplete, past due or upcoming assignments in all of his classes at once.  This is the high level view I need in order to quickly assess what he should be working on and help him stay focused without being forced to click into each class or each day.  The parent app (which requires the use of my phone) takes a distant second. 

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Agreed! This would be such a great feature. The Canvas Parent app leaves a lot to be desired and so our school has recommended that parents use the browser instead, but the lack of a "list view" option for parents is very frustrating.

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I would also like that a read-only List View in the Dashboard to be available to observers.

As an observer I'd like to see what items are marked as completed by the student. This is not shown in the Coming Up list in the Card View. The Coming Up list doesn't show past assignments either, unlike the List View.

The app has Calendar that shows the assignments due, but it doesn't show the course name, and whether an assignment has been submitted or graded.  

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The observer account does not have the same option for a list view as the student account. It would be so convenient if it did.