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An LTI for Microsoft Forms

An LTI for Microsoft Forms

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I would like an LTI for Microsoft Forms in Canvas so that I would be able to use Forms as an external tool when creating assignments, then grades would be present in the gradebook for both myself and students. 

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Instructure Alumni
Status changed to: Open
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This would be great! Canvas quizzes are very limited and forms allow for multiple ways of interacting with content. 

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Yes, fully agree with this.  Forms allow for an easy to use format for formative assessments.  Either allow for MS Forms integration, or a similar tool within Canvas.

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Having this functionality would be awesome.  Right now, Canvas doesn't have a student-fillable rubric feature, so having an MS Form through an LTI could be the next logical option.  Please vote YES!

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Upvoted - An MS Forms LTI tool for Canvas could help some universities address fill the Survey functionality gap that exists with New Quizzes.

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Agree this would be an excellent idea

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Ditto! would love this feature


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This would be a great replacement for surveys in Classic Quizzes that won't have their functionality replaced by New Quizzes.

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If MS Forms was integrated into Canvas you could also create escape room activities or simulations by embedding MS Forms into PowerPoint slides that would act as your points of input which could be graded or measured.

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I agree that the ability to integrate MS Forms into Canvas would be quite helpful.

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MS Forms integration would be a game changer.